Summer Online Classes 2019

SAT Prep 4 Weeks Classes Starting the First Friday or Saturday of each Month Cost: $185
Friday June Session Starting June 7, Saturday June Session Starting June 8
Course Description: Sign your student up for one of our Math SAT Prep courses to help them master the math portion of the SAT.  Proven techniques help students answer questions quickly! Concepts covered are: Linear Functions, Single Variable equations, Systems of Linear Equations, Manipulating Polynomials, Quadratic Equations, Dividing polynomials, exponential functions, functions notation, solving exponential equations, system of equations with nonlinear equations, Ratio and proportions, scatterplots and graphs, categorical data and probability, experimental interpretation, Mean, Median, Mode, standard deviation, line and slopes, nonlinear functions, circles, angles, triangles and polygons, trigonometry and complex numbers.

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Algebra 1 Review Wednesdays 10:30am-12:00pm Cost: $125
Start Date: July 10 End Date: August 28, 2019
Course Description:Review of Algebra concepts. Topics include evaluation of algebraic equations, exponents, polynomials, solving and graphing linear equations, complex fractions, solving systems of equations, radicals, word problems, solving and graphing quadratic equations, solving systems of equations, and solving equations by factoring.

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Please Read Before Registering:
There is a registration fee of $25 for every student that is registering for the Algebra review course. The registration fee is non-refundable. If you have any question please send an email to

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