Parent Reviews:

We have been extremely satisfied with the Math tutoring from Ms. Enjoli Stith for over 2 school years. She is an expert in the studies of Mathematics and provides clear and patient instruction. My children feel comfortable asking questions and when they don’t ask the questions they need to, she prompts them, to ensure they are clear on the concepts.
Ms. Enjoli is very dependable and reliable. She works with us to ensure we agree on the best schedule for not only her, but also us. I highly recommend her for tutorial services.

-Mrs. Sheri Holder
Springfield, VA

Enjoli has really helped my 16 year old son who was having some struggles in math and algebra. With patience and understanding, she has helped him finally cement his math facts and more firmly grasp the Algebra l concepts. She encouraged him to keep trying and not give up until he has mastered the material. With wisdom, she tailored the class sessions throughout the year to the specific, individual needs of the student, for which I and my son are both grateful.

-Clara, VA

Reviews from Facebook:

“I hate math and always have. I struggle with grasping the concepts and handling the complexity in the numbers. However Enjoli explains everything in a way that is simple and easy to grasp. She’s an AMAZING tutor!!!!”


“I had Enjoli as a physics teacher as well as she prepped me for my SATs. I only took the SAT once and had to take it with short notice ( one month). She tutored me twice a week for a month. She was prepared and expected me to be prepared, but when I wasn’t (which wasn’t common but it did happen) she worked me through anything that I trouble on or was confused about. She not only prepped me well on the SAT (first time scored a 590 in math), but when I came to college and had to take the TEAS for nursing school she had indirectly helped me with that.”


“As a student, I can attest to how friendly, personal, and engaging the tutoring sessions are. Enjoli has a talent for explaining mathematical concepts in simple yet practical terms, and demonstrating them clearly and concisely. This is a lady who knows what she’s doing.”


“Joy is an absolute wonderful young lady . That is a joy to know . Ha she was definitely given the right name at birth . She tutored my grandson. And she went beyond the call of duty . She was so attentive to him and his ability to learn . That she was able to pick up on a rare visual disease that he was suffering from and did some intense investigating to refer me to a specialist to care for my grandsons needs . It doesn’t get any better than this. In today’s world a lot of people just go to work for a paycheck. But I can honestly say that this young lady . Goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to her students. My grandson and I love and appreciate her so Much !!!”


“Where do I Start? Joy is absolutely wonderful, patient, knowledgeable, and easy to learn from. I would definitely refer her to anyone that is having trouble making math make sense. I will be using her again.”